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微波连续合成纳米TiC粉体影响因素分析 Analysis of the Influencing Factors in the Microwave and Continuum Preparation of Nano TiC Powders

Author(s): 周其星 | 曾令可 | 刘平安 | 刘阳 | 刘艳春 | 王慧

Journal: Hans Journal of Nanotechnology
ISSN 2161-086X

Volume: 02;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 44;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 微波合成 | 纳米TiC | 合成率 | 粒度 | Microwave Synthesis | Nanometer TiC | Synthesis Rate | Particle Size

本文利用微波连续合成纳米TiC粉体,并运用透射电镜(TEM)、激光粒度分析及X射线衍射分析(XRD)等分析手段测定了纳米TiC粉体的成分和粒度分布及大小。探讨了原料粒度、合成温度、合成时间、保温时间等关键影响因素与产品合成率、粒度大小分布的相互关系。实验结果表明,合成TiC最佳条件如下:原料(TiO2)粒度为30 nm,合成温度为1300℃~1400℃,合成时间为60 min,保温时间(1300℃)为30 min。 In this article the nanometer TiC powder was synthesized by the method of continuous microwave, and its composition and particle size distribution were determined by using TEM, Acoustic particle size analysis (APS) and XRD. The effect of raw materials particle size, synthesis temperature and holding time on the nanometer TiC synthesis was discussed. The experimental results show that the best synthetic conditions are as follows: raw materials (TiO2) size is 30 nm, synthesis temperature is between 1300˚C and 1400˚C, synthetic time for 60 min, the best heat preservation time (1300˚C) is 30 min.
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