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Topical application of Ankaferd Blood StopperĀ® modifies the healing of colon anastomosis in rats

Author(s): Husnu Alptekin | Huseyin Yilmaz | Sami Erdem | Hasan Esen | Mustafa Sahin

Journal: Surgical Techniques Development
ISSN 2038-9574

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: e16;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Ankaferd Blood Stoper | wound healing | anastomosis | Paraoxanase | IMA.

Ankaferd Blood StopperĀ® (ABS) offered as a hemostatic agent is a standardized herbal extract obtained from five different plants. The effects of ABS on colonic anastomosis are unknown. This study was designed to assess potential effects on the anastomosis of left colon in an experimental animal model. Thirtytwo male Wistar albino rats were randomized into two groups and subjected to colon anastomosis. The study group subjected to colon anastomosis with topical application of ABS to control of mucosal bleeding at the cut ends of the colon, and the control group subjected to colon anastomosis only. The rats were killed 3 and 7 days postoperatively. Four types of assessment were performed: bursting pressure, bursting wall tension, histopathology, and biochemical analysis. Compared to the control group, ABS used rats displayed a higher bursting pressure (P
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