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Tourism Potential Valorization of the River Danube in Novi Sad and its Environment Based on the Hilary Du Cros Model

Author(s): Milica Pantović | Igor Stamenković

Journal: European Researcher
ISSN 2219-8229

Volume: 59;
Issue: 9-2;
Start page: 2295;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: tourism valorization | The Danube | Novi Sad | Hilary du Cros.

Natural resources are the main basis for tourism development in one region. Given that natural resources are not only aesthetic but also economic value of a certain region, they should be valorized in order to provide good basis for creating valuable tourism product. Rivers as such, are the best representatives that provide possibilities for developing different types of tourism, which could give huge benefits for the region. In this paper, the focus is on the river Danube which is the second largest river in Europe and part of Corridor VII. The aim of this paper is to evaluate and bring this river closer to the population of Serbia. Also, the intention is to show the importance of the Danube, since it flows through Novi Sad and has a great potential for developing nautical and cruising tourism. Investments in this resource would significantly contribute to the development of an integrated tourist product of Novi Sad and Serbia. Bearing all this in mind, this paper will present the results of evaluation of the Danube, based on model of Hilary Du Cros.
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