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Transgresja a psychoterapia mężczyzn uzależnionych od alkoholu [Transgression and psychotherapy of alcohol dependent men]

Author(s): Ślaski, Sławomir

Journal: Psychoterapia
ISSN 0239-4170

Volume: 165;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 83;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: transgression | addiction to alcohol

Aim. The main objective of this research, was to determine whether individuals with alcohol dependence participating in psychotherapy are characterised by transgressive behaviour. Method. The study was done on a research group (30 persons) who completed the program in psychotherapy of addictions, as well as a control group (30 persons) who had not finished that program.Results. Heavy drinkers who completed psychotherapy apply psychological and ethical transgression in their lives, and must show a particularly high level of reflective self-awareness, self-esteem in the field of intellectual property and the need for change.Conclusions. It can be concluded that certain personality dimensions, especially the psychological and ethical transgression may affect the participation of individuals addicted to alcohol in psychotherapy.
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