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Transient measurement results of pulse propagation in large GTEM cells

Author(s): H. Thye | G. Armbrecht | M. Koch

Journal: Advances in Radio Science - Kleinheubacher Berichte
ISSN 1684-9965

Volume: 6;
Start page: 307;
Date: 2008;
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This contribution deals with the results of a transient measurement campaign incorporating ultra-wideband (UWB) pulses applied to a large GTEM cell. The main purpose is to analyse the distortion effects on such a feeding pulse when transformed into a field pulse inside the cells testing volume. We will investigate if the TEM field distribution is interfered by multimode propagation, that may lead to location-dependent pulse distortion and ringing. Finally, conclusions on the applicability of GTEM cells for standardized transient EMC measurements will be drawn.
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