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Treatment complications among long-term survivors of cervical cancer: treated by surgery or radiotherapy

Author(s): Kamal A. Elghamrawi | Mamdouh H. Haggag | Emmad E. Habib

Journal: Oncology Reviews
ISSN 1970-5565

Volume: 5;
Issue: 4;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Cervical cancer - Quality of life - Surgery - Radiation

This study assesses the morbidity and complications of treatment among long-term survivors of cervical cancer. Ninety-eight female patients who were diagnosed and treated from invasive carcinoma of the cervix uteri 5 years or more are included in this study. All the cases were free of disease and had survived up to December 2010. Forty-one cases were treated with radical hysterectomy with removal of the lymph nodes (Wertheim’s surgery) (42%). Radical radiation therapy was given to 57 cases (58%) according to our treatment protocol; weekly cisplatin was given concomitantly with radiation. Although urinary adverse effects were more prevalent among the radiation group, the difference was not statistically significant. Bowel dysfunction was more prevalent and statistically significant (p.001) among the radiotherapy arm. Dysfunctions recorded included change in bowel habit, diarrhea, constipation, tenesmus, soiling of clothes and or flatulence. However, their severity was grade 1–2 only. The frequency of small intestinal obstruction was comparable in both arms. Pelvic vein thromboses had a tendency to occur among the surgical group especially in obese females (p value 0.005). The frequency of sexual dysfunction was comparable in both groups with no statistical difference. It was age related. The younger the patients’ ages, the more was the sexual complaint irrespective to the treatment modality. Sexual problems included dyspareunia from vaginal stenosis shortening or dryness, vulval soreness from itching and dryness. Bearing in mind that many patients had more than one health complaint. The remaining cases denied the presence of any complications and stated that they had a normal life style.
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