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Tuplix Calculus

Author(s): J.A. Bergstra | A. Ponse | M.B. Van Der Zwaag

Journal: Scientific Annals of Computer Science
ISSN 1843-8121

Volume: 18;
Start page: 35;
Date: 2008;
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We introduce a calculus for tuplices, which are expressions that generalize matrices and vectors. Tuplices have an underlying data type for quantities that are taken from a zero-totalized field. We start with the core tuplix calculus CTC for entries and tests, which are combined using conjunctive composition. We define a standard model and prove that CTC is relatively complete with respect to it. The core calculus is extended with operators for choice, information hiding, scalar multiplication, clearing and encapsulation. We provide two examples of applications; one on incremental financial budgeting, and one on modular financial budget design.
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