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Two Decades of Revolution. An Anti-Revisionist Essay

Author(s): Dan Pavel

Journal: Sfera Politicii
ISSN 1221-6720

Volume: XXI;
Issue: 173 (1);
Start page: 55;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: regime change | revolution | transplacement | ruptforma | extrication | reforma pactada-ruptura pactada | pacted transition | “the four-player game theory model” | revisionism

The author examines the crucial differences between the breakdown of the totalitarian communist regimes in Central Europe and in Romania. For Central-Europeans, Westerners and the international community, the anti-communist revolutions of 1989 are related with 11/9, „the Fall of the Berlin Wall”, and „the Velvet Revolution”, while for Romanians, the same events are related with the bloody violent repression and confrontation, the faked „show trial” of Ceauşescu and his execution. While regime change in other former communist countries is related with terms and sintagms like transplacement, ruptforma, extrication or reforma pactada-ruptura pactada, pacted transition, „the four-player game theory model”, none of them is relevant for the Romanian case. He is trying to find answers for the questions „Why?” and „How?” related with so many events before, during and after 1989.

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