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The use of interstitial echo-guided diode laser 980-nm for deep vascular anomalies in pediatric patients: a preliminary study

Author(s): Luigino Santecchia | Maria Francesca Bianciardi Valassina | Guido Ciprandi | Rodolfo Fruhwirth | Mario Zama

Journal: Surgical Techniques Development
ISSN 2038-9574

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Start page: e2;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: vascular anomalies | low-flow malfor- mation | diode laser

A wide range of therapeutic options is available to treat vascular anomalies, arising from the systemic therapies to surgery or using lasers. The purpose of this preliminary study is to assess the effectiveness of treatment of vascular anomalies anywhere in the body, along with the use of interstitial echo-guided 980 nm diode laser. The analysis occurs through accurate angio magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) pre- and post-treatment measurements. We enrolled all the patients (16) affected on vascular malformations everywhere in the body, treated from January to August 2012. We obtained excellent results in 6 patients (37.5%) with mean mass reduction of 85%, good in 9 patients (56%) with mean mass reduction of 65% and unsatisfactory in 1 patient (6%). In pediatric patients, low-flow vascular malformations resistant to progressive sclerotherapy or in critical anatomical sites, benefit of echo guided interstitial 980-nm diode laser.
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