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Utilization of casting ladle lining enthalpy for heating gas savings in the course of ladle preheating

Author(s): D. Jančar | M. Klarova | P. Tvardek | J. Vlček | P. Hašek | F. Ovčačik

Journal: Metalurgija
ISSN 0543-5846

Volume: 53;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 159;
Date: 2014;
Original page

Keywords: ladle | enthalpy | lining | steelworks

During the long-term staying of steel in ladle within the period from the tap until the end of continuous casting takes place a great amount of heat accumulates in lining. For its utilization is necessary to optimize heat operation of ladle lining. The demanded enthalpy of ladle before tap and the real enthalpy of ladle as things stand are needed for heating gas savings during the preheating. The enthalpy changes of ladle lining are in the course of their cycling in steelworks solved by the model of lining thermal state. For that purpose were conducted the operation measurements to find out the ladle lining thermal field within the whole technological flow.
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