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The Van Hiele Model of Geometric Thought and possible contributions to the dynamic geometry

Author(s): ALVES, G. S. | SAMPAIO, F. F.

Journal: Salesian Journal on Information Systems
ISSN 1983-5604

Issue: 5;
Start page: 69;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: dynamic geometry | computers in education | Van Hiele

This work presents the main ideas discussed in an essay written in a Computers and Education class in a Master Course at PPGI-UFRJ. We discuss the need to emphasize the topics related to euclidian geometry in primary and secondary schools. The Van Hiele model of the development of geometric thought is presented as a guideline for learning and as an instrument for the evaluation of students´ geometric abilities. Based on Van Hiele ideas and on tests created by the Fundão/UFRJ Project staff, a quantitative study on the level of geomteric thought was performed with students of a public technical high school in Rio de Janeiro. As conclusions, an exposition on possible contributions of dynamic geometry to the Van Hiele model is made.
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