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The vascular flora of Rarau Massif (Eastern Carpathians, Romania). Note II

Author(s): Adrian Oprea | Culita Sirbu

Journal: Memoirs of the Scientific Sections of the Romanian Academy
ISSN 1224-1407

Volume: XXXVI;
Start page: 17;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Vascular flora | Rarău Massif | Romania | Conservation indicators

This second part of the paper about the vascular flora of Rarău Massif listed approximately half of the whole number of the species registered by the authors in their field trips or already included in literature on the same area. Other taxa have been added to the initial list of plants, so that, the total number of taxa registered by the authors in Rarău Massif amount to 1443 taxa (1133 species and 310 subspecies, varieties and forms). There was signaled out the alien taxa on the surveyed area (18 species) and those dubious presence of some taxa for the same area (17 species). Also, there were listed all the vascular plants, protected by various laws or regulations, both internal or international, existing in Rarău (i.e. 189 taxa).Finally, there has been assessed the degree of wild flora conservation, using several indicators introduced in literature by Nowak, as they are: conservation indicator (C), threat conservation indicator) (CK), sozophytisation indicator (W), and conservation effectiveness indicator (E).
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