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In vitro propagation scheme of planting material for Arnica Montana l. species

Author(s): Magdalena Duţă | Alexandru Teodorescu | Valeriu Alexiu | Monica Neblea

Journal: Scientific Papers of the Research Institute for Fruit Growing Pitesti, Romania
ISSN 1584-2231

Volume: XXVI;
Start page: 156;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Arnica montana L. | initiation | multiplication | rooting | acclimatization

The paper reveals the in vitro propagation biotechnology for Arnica montana L. species, as part of project no. 32160/2008, regarding the chorological study of sozological categories for Arges county flora, to restore endangered phytopopulations through conventional and biotechnological methods of propagation. The established biotechnology provides the use of the next nutrient media: for initiation – base medium MS, with ½n, 0,005:2 mg/l auxins/citokinine, 20 mg/l NaFeEDTA, 20 g/l sucrose, 7g/l agar; for multiplication – base medium LF, with n concentration, 0,02:0,4 mg/l auxins/citokinine 0,02:0,4 mg/l, 32 mg/l NaFeEDTA, supplemented with 40 g/l dextrose and 7g/l agar; for rooting – the use of ½n macro and micronutrients MS, n vitamins LS, 0,1mg/l AG3, 0,2mg/l IBA, 38 mg/l NaFeEDTA 38 mg/l, 30 g/l dextrose, 7g/l agar and 0,3 g/l activated carbon.
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