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我国水环境问题与科技支撑体系 Water Environmental Problems and Science and Technology Support System in China

Author(s): 曾凡棠 | 张修玉 | 许振成

Journal: Sustainable Development
ISSN 2160-7540

Volume: 02;
Issue: 04;
Start page: 167;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 水环境 | 水安全 | 自主创新 | 科技体系 | Water Environment | Water Safety | Independent Innovation | Science and Technology System

我国经济的持续快速增长使水环境问题愈显突出,已成为制约国民经济和社会发展的主要因素之一。本文总结了中国目前的水量、水质、水生态以及水环境决策与管理体制等具有中国特色的水环境问题,提出了中国水环境问题的解决需要自主创新的科技体系做支撑,并在水环境科技的发展方向、认知系统、环境知识、环境技术、环境经济以及管理体系等方面提出了有效的建议。The rapid growth of Chinese economy brought about water environmental problems, which has restricted the national economic and social development severely. First of all, this paper summarized the quantity and quality of the current water in China, the water ecology and water environment decision-making and management system with Chinese characteristics and etc. Furthermore, the paper pointed out that, the independent innovation of science and technology system would solve the water environmental problems. Finally, the paper put forward some effective suggestions on the water environment science and technology development direction, cognitive system, environmental knowledge and technology, environmental economy and environment management system.
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