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Ways of efficiency increase in marketing research management at agricultural machinery industry enterprises

Author(s): Andrushkiv, Bohdan Mykolayovych | Nyanko, Vitaliy Mykolayovych | Chaikivskyi, Ivan Adamovych

Journal: Socìalʹno-ekonomìčnì Problemì ì Deržava
ISSN 2223-3822

Volume: 7;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 6;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: market of agricultural machinery industry | marketing research | model of marketing management of relationship | marketing research efficiency

The offered determinations concerning the main point of marketing research are considered and generalized. The basic ways of increasing the efficiency of marketing research management on the enterprises of agricultural machinery industry are determined and developed. The model of marketing management concerning the relationship with consumers on the market of agricultural machinery industry is worked out. The marketing program of management of relationship with consumers based on the marketing research dealing with relationship with consumers study is being developed by the enterprise managers. It is found out that for the reconsideration of customer relationship the realization of complex analysis is necessary. The algorithm of marketing research relationship with a supplier is developed. Six groups of indexes characterizing the relationship between enterprises are worked out from the point of view of both the supplier and the customer. The basic stages of introduction of management system aimed at the efficiency of marketing research at the agricultural machinery industry enterprises are reasoned
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