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Author(s): Robert Zimmer | Zlata Milaković

Journal: Poljoprivreda (Osijek)
ISSN 1330-7142

Volume: 7;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 16;
Date: 2001;
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Keywords: integrated power units | wheat | yield | cellulose degradation | family farm

The integrated power units Combisem RAU (Germany) and Pan Agra (Slovenia) at winter wheat sowing after soybean and maize were used during 2001 on a family farm in the D. Miholjac vicinity. The investigation was carried out on slightly humus (1.07%) and very acid soil (pH=3.6). Soil supply in phosphorus was good (14.61 mg 100 g soil-1) but poor in potassium (15.53 mg 100 g soil-1). Precipitations arrangement and amount was not favourable during the wheat growing season, especially in June when 230.9 mm were recorded i.e. twice the amount compared to the many years’ average. The obtained wheat yields of the sort Srpanjka relative to the pre-crops, sowing modes and used integrated power units were as follows: (A) Combisem (No-till) 6.196 kg ha-1, (B) 1 x disking + Combisem 6.320 kg ha-1, (C) Ploughing + Combisem 6.198 kg ha-1, (D) Ploughing + Pan Agra 6.564 kg ha-1(pre-crop soybean). (E) Combisem (No-till) 5.720 kg ha-1, (F) 2 x disking + Combisem 6.215 kg ha-1, (G) Ploughing + Combisem 7.055 kg ha-1, (H) Ploughing + Pan Agra 7.050 kg ha-1(pre-crop maize). The lowest yields were accomplished by the Combisem application at no-till sowing (A plot), and maize (E plot). The highest yields were obtained after ploughing in crushed maize and sowing by the integrated power units (G and H plots. Yields higher by 7% and 12% are obtained by the maize field ploughing and wheat sowing by the integrated power units compared to the basic soybean field tillage and sowing by Pan Agra and Combisem RAU. In fact, various sowing modes indicate similar tendency to the investigated physiological group of the celullolitical microorganisms in the soil low in humus and under the unfavourable agroecological conditions (precipitations).
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