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Writers of the Sacrificed Generation

Author(s): Claudia MATEI

Journal: Studii de Stiinta si Cultura
ISSN 1841-1401

Volume: VIII;
Issue: 4 (31);
Start page: 55;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Romanian literature in Bessarabia | soviet occupation | the reprisals | the sacrificed generation | literary resistance

This study is dedicated to several less known aspects of the history of Romanian literature inBessarabia and to the destiny of the majority of writers who made their debut and thrived withinthese surroundings between 1918 – 1940. The author sheds new light on the tragic destinies of thewriters from that generation after the occupation of Bessarabia by the Soviet Union:E.Dobroşinschi-Malai and I. Dicescu-Siminel – who disappeared with no trace; I. Sulacov – whowere shot by the Soviet security intelligence; Ch. Rusu, M. Curicheru, A.Terziman, Al. CezarStoica, killed in the GULAG; N. Costenco, E. Gane, P.Halippa, B.Baidan, P. Stati, Al. Tambur, V.Ţepordei – held in the prisons of Siberia; S. Matei Nica, A. Ciurunga – held in the Communistprisons of Romania; D. Iov, killed in the prison of Aiud. The author names the above group ofwriters the sacrificed generation, emphasizing the essential aspects of their work.
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