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WRITING AND REFLECTION IN TEACHERS’ FORMATION: an account on activities and discussions occurred in an observation internship.

Author(s): Carlos Jorge da Silva Correia | Clarissa França Tavares de Souza | Kennia de Cássia Araújo Galdino | Shaula Maíra Vicentini de Sampaio

Journal: Entrever : Revista das Licenciaturas
ISSN 2237-6674

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 168;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Observation Practice | Supervised Teaching Practice | Reflexive Writing.

This article aims to present reflections on some educational scenarios considered as meaningful for teachers in supervised teaching practice as protagonists in an observation practice developed as part of the Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences of the Federal University of Alagoas. Accordingly, it was found that this indeterminate and ambiguous role of observer of the school's space, as well as its connections, causes, initially, a certain discomfort. On the other hand, not being in the position of teacher or student enables the trainees to see things differently from what they used to when they were students in their schools.Besides, the role of 'school observer' seems to provide teachers in supervised teaching practice the opportunity needed for a reflective look on the various connections weaved withing the school community; a fact which inevitably culminates into a reflection about the importance of their own learning experience throughout their practice. Thus, the observation practice was perceived by teachers in supervised teaching practice as a rich opportunity to raise questions about future teaching practice, as well as some challenges for teachers today.
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