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XXI An Odyssey in Cyberspace: A Preliminary Look at Cyber-Feminism

Author(s): Eva Salas

Journal: UOC Papers. Revista sobre la societat del coneixement
ISSN 1885-1541

Issue: 7;
Date: 2008;
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Keywords: Cyber-Feminism | art | cyberspace | internet | technologies | women

Cyber-feminisms form part of post-modern thought and the crisis of the subject of modernity. They have a new medium, cyberspace, which, thanks to its specific nature, places them in parallel to historical feminisms.The text is organised into four short sections. In the first, the movement is set within the context in which it began and a retrospective look is offered at the area of art. The second section introduces the mythology of cyborgs and the theory behind the cyber-feminist drive. The figurations that accompany the movement, the genres that feed it and its links to other cultural myths, such as science, are also examined. The third part allows for the introduction of the committed poetry of cyber-feminism with a work written on the net and an emblematic artist. There is also reflection on the very concept that brings meaning to this article and its not ascribing to disciplinary or academic parameters. The fourth section is dedicated to part of our closest context, suggesting a journey through exhibition spaces and readings from the authors referred to. Finally, there is reflection on the possible and desirable perspectives for the future.
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