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Yabancı Sermaye ve Türkiye'de Elektronik, Kimya ve Toprak Sektörlerinde Faaliyet Gösteren Yatırım Ortaklıklarının Performanslarının İncelenmesi = Study of the Foreign Capital and the Performance of the Joint Ventures That Operate in The Electronical, Chemical and Cement Sectors in Turkey

Author(s): Erol EREN | Ayşegül SAMSUNLU

Journal: Dogus University Journal
ISSN 1302-6739

Volume: 4;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 71;
Date: 2003;
Original page

Keywords: Yabancı sermaye | Küreselleşme | Türkiye'de yabancı sermaye | Yatırım ortaklıkları | Foreign capital | Globalization | Foreign capital in Turkey | Joint ventures

Firms have started to cooperate with other firms due to globalization and rapidly increasing competition. They can have quick access to the most recent technology and different markets by cooperating with other firms. Thus by increasing their cross-border operations, multinational companies prefer to establish joint ventures. Joint ventures are the forms of cooperation that is widely used by multinational firms. In Turkey, Foreign Capital Law (No : 6224) has been enacted on January, 18th, 1954. This law has been enacted to encourage foreign capital investments. Even though, it is quite liberal, the amount of foreign capital inflow is not at a desirable level. Therefore, it is necessary and very important to research the reasons for the inadequacy in foreign capital inflows to Turkey. In this paper, the performance of joint ventures in electronic, chemistry and cement sectors are studied. The joint ventures in which the foreign partner has an equity share of less than ninety percent are included in the scope of the study.
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