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YB-1 is a Transcription/Translation Factor that Orchestrates the Oncogenome by Hardwiring Signal Transduction to Gene Expression

Author(s): Joyce Wu | Anna L. Stratford | Arezoo Astanehe | Sandra E. Dunn

Journal: Translational Oncogenomics
ISSN 1177-2727

Volume: 2;
Start page: 49;
Date: 2007;
Original page

Keywords: YB-1 | cancer | phosphorylation | signal transduction

The Y-box Binding Protein-1 (YB-1) is a highly conserved oncogenic transcription/translation factor that is expressed in cancers affecting adults and children. It is now believed that YB-1 plays a causal role in the development of cancer given recent work showing that its expression drives the tumorigenesis in the mammary gland. In human breast cancers, YB-1 is associated with rapidly proliferating tumors that are highly aggressive. Moreover, expression of YB-1 promotes the growth of breast cancer cell lines both in monolayer and anchorage independent conditions. The involvement of YB-1 in breast cancer pathogenesis has made it a putative therapeutic target; however, the mechanism(s) that regulate YB-1 are poorly understood. This review first describes the oncogenic properties of YB-1 in cancer. It also highlights the importance of YB-1 in hardwiring signal transduction pathways to the regulation of genes involved in the development of cancer.
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