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Psychology in Society

ISSN: 1015--6046
Publisher: Psychology in Society

Introducing Dussel: the philosophy of liberation and a really social psychology

Author(s): Mark Burton | Jorge Mario Flores Osorio
Issue: 41
Year: 2011
The Apartheid Archive: memory, voice and narrative as liberatory praxis

Author(s): Garth Stevens | Norman Duncan | Christopher Sonn
Issue: 40
Year: 2010
Agency through bodily alterity: the case of "proanorexia" websites

Author(s): Megan Kleyn | Jude Clark
Issue: 38
Year: 2009
Contextualising the experiences of South African women in the immediate aftermath of rape

Author(s): Gail Womersley | Anastasia Maw
Issue: 38
Year: 2009
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