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Electronic Journal of Africana Bibliography

ISSN: 1092--9576
Publisher: University of Iowa

Luba-Kasai: A Working Bibliography

Author(s): Valentine Kanyinda Muyumba
Volume: 9
Year: 2004
The Dagara and their Neighbors (Burkina Faso and Ghana)

Author(s): Richard Kuba | Carola Lentz
Volume: 7
Year: 2001
South Africa’s Post-Apartheid Foreign Policy Towards Africa

Author(s): Roger Pfister
Volume: 6
Year: 2000
Female Circumcision and Infibulation in Africa

Author(s): David M. Westley
Volume: 4
Year: 1999
Medical/Health Periodicals and Books on Africa

Author(s): John Bruce Howell
Volume: 3
Year: 1997
Foreign Periodicals on Africa

Author(s): John Bruce Howell
Volume: 2
Year: 1997
African Ethnonyms and Toponyms: An Annotated Bibliography

Author(s): Atoma Batoma
Volume: 10
Year: 2006
Guides, Collections and Ancillary Materials to African Archival Resources in the United States

Author(s): John Bruce Howell | Yvette Scheven
Volume: 1
Year: 1997
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