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EurAsian Journal of Biosciences

ISSN: 1307--9867
Publisher: Foundation for Enviromental Protection and Research

Effect of heavy metals on plasma membrane lipids and antioxidant enzymes of Zygophyllum species PDF available

Author(s): Amal Ahmed Morsy | Karima Hamid Ali Salama | Hend Ahmed Kamel | Mohamed Magdy Fahim Mansour
Volume: 6
Year: 2012
The vascular plants of Buca Faculty of Education Campus (Izmir): Contribution to educational practices PDF available

Author(s): Ilker Ugulu | Yunus Dogan | Teoman Kesercioglu
Volume: 6
Year: 2012
Mangrove community in an abandoned crick kiln: A structural and association analysis PDF available

Author(s): Sumit Manna | Anirban Roy | Tushar Kanti Ghara
Issue: 6
Year: 2012

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