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Doping Journal

ISSN: 1812--948X
Publisher: Doping Journal

USADA's unconstitutional witch hunt

Author(s): Lance Armstrong
Volume: 9
Year: 2012
Lance Armstrong v. United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) follow up

Author(s): Timothy J. Herman | Robert Luskin
Volume: 9
Year: 2012
Why Players Engage in Drug Abuse Substances? A Survey Study

Author(s): Kumar Neeraj | Paul Maman | Sandhu J. S.
Volume: 8
Year: 2011
Effects of caffeine ingestion on strength and endurance performance of normal young adults

Author(s): Sharma Archna | Sandhu S Jaspal
Volume: 7
Year: 2010
First steps towards a new screening method for anabolic androgenic agents in human hair follicle

Author(s): Martina Reiter | Sybille Lüderwald | Michael W. Pfaffl | Heinrich H.D. Meyer
Volume: 5
Year: 2008
Effects Of Two Levels Of Caffeine Doses On Endurance Performance Of Normal Young Black African Subjects

Author(s): Sikiru Lamina | Danladi Ibrahim Musa
Volume: 5
Year: 2008
Should Drug Testing be Banned?

Author(s): Anthony P Millar
Volume: 4
Year: 2007
WADA, IOC Testing For Erythropoietin Is Faked

Author(s): Alexei R. Koudinov
Volume: 3
Year: 2006
Tour de France superstar scandal continues. Is he innocent? You decide

Author(s): Joe Lindsey | James Startt
Volume: 2
Year: 2005
BALCO drugs shopping list revealed

Author(s): Jacquelin Magnay
Volume: 1
Year: 2004
Doping by the pool?

Author(s): Alexei R. Koudinov
Volume: 1
Year: 2004

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