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Economy and Sociology

ISSN: 1857--4130
Publisher: Institute of Economy, Finance and Statistics

Strategy of International Economic Cooperation: methodological aspects PDF available

Author(s): Daniliuc Aliona | Gribincea Alexandru | Maximilian Silvestru
Year: 2013
Structural transformations from rural area in the Republic of Moldova PDF available

Author(s): Moroz Victor | Lucasenco Eugenia
Year: 2013
Modern approaches to the implementation of monetary policy and the regulation of financial systems PDF available

Author(s): Cuhal Radu | Stariţîna Ludmila | Basistîi Nicolae
Year: 2013
Macroprudential policy: conceptual positions PDF available

Author(s): Cuhal Radu | Stariţîna Ludmila
Year: 2013
The analysis of the global market of construction materials PDF available

Author(s): Cojocaru Vadim | Sargu Lilia
Year: 2013

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