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Impulse : an Undergraduate Journal for Neuroscience

ISSN: 1934--3361
Publisher: University of South Carolina Honors College

Glutamate receptors may not protect against oxidative stress in C. elegans PDF available

Author(s): Elizabeth Chatburn | Natausha Davis | Brenna Duffy | Eryn Fennelly | Alicia N. Minniti | Nibaldo C. Inestrosa | Rebecca E. Kohn
Year: 2012
Matrix cadmium accumulation depolarizes mitochondria isolated from mouse brain PDF available

Author(s): Alyssa K. Polson | Monica B. Sokol | Kirk E. Dineley | Latha M. Malaiyandi
Year: 2011
Effect of an Aspartame-Ethanol Mixture on Daphnia magna Cardiac Activity PDF available

Author(s): Stephanie Schleidt | Danielle Indelicato | Ashley Feigenbutz | Cierra Lewis | Rebecca Kohn
Year: 2009
Layer III Pyramidal Cells and Cell Column Spacing in HIV-1 Transgenic Rats PDF available

Author(s): Kendall K. Ziegler | William Blackmon | Ulla Hasselrot | Daniel P. Buxhoeveden | Rosemarie Booze
Year: 2008
GnRH Protein Levels in Atrazine-Treated Axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum) PDF available

Author(s): Sara Nienaber | Sarah Leupen
Year: 2008
Silencing Huntington's chorea: Is RNA Interference a Potential Cure? PDF available

Author(s): Nafisa M. Jadavji | Afra Foroud | Ian Q. Whishaw | Gerlinde A. Metz
Year: 2006
Cardioactive effects of diphenhydramine and curcumin in Daphnia magna PDF available

Author(s): Avinash Vaidya | Laura Gurenlian | Lauren Brady | Noelle Erin Romero | Rebecca Kohn
Year: 2009
The Effect of Vitamin E on the Survival Rate of unc-13 Caenorhabditis elegans mutants under Oxidative Stress PDF available

Author(s): Jessica Porcelan | Erica Schindewolf | Kaitlyn Storey | Kirsten King | Kari Hart | Rebecca Kohn
Year: 2012
Music genre preference and tempo alter alpha and beta waves in human non-musicians

Author(s): Nicole Hurless | Aldijana Mekic | Sebastian Pena | Ethan Humphries | Hunter Gentry | David. F. Nichols
Year: 2013
Effects of a 5-HT3 agonist and antagonist on inter-male aggression in Mus musculus PDF available

Author(s): Matthew J. Crisp | Michael Kerchner
Year: 2006
Neuronal Responses to Water Flow in the Marine Slug Tritonia diomedea PDF available

Author(s): Jeffry S. Blackwell | James A. Murray
Year: 2005
Oral Self-Administration Of EtOH In Transgenic Mice Lacking Beta-Endorphin PDF available

Author(s): Sydney B. Williams | Ashley Holloway | Kevin Karwan | Stephani Allen | Judith E. Grisel
Year: 2007
Effects of melatonin and ethanol on the heart rate of Daphnia magna PDF available

Author(s): Bonnie Kaas | Krithika Krishnarao | Elizabeth Marion | Larissa Stuckey | Rebecca Kohn
Year: 2009
The Neurophysiological Effects of Guarana and Ethanol Intake on Daphnia magna PDF available

Author(s): Amanda K. Leatherman | Bindu P. Pirlamarla | Stephanie Rogman | Douglas S. Yodice | Rebecca E. Kohn
Year: 2009
Chronic cannabinoid treatment in adolescent attenuates c-Fos expression in nucleus accumbens of adult estrous rats

Author(s): Samuel I. Brook | Hassan H. Lopez | Alicia J. Saylor
Year: 2013
Structure and function of pedal neurons controlling muscle contractions in Tritonia diomedea PDF available

Author(s): Reakweeda Zazay | Josh Morrison | Roger Redondo | James Alan Murray
Year: 2012
Deltamethrin Inhibits the Human T-type Voltage-Sensitive Calcium Channel (Cav3.2) PDF available

Author(s): Natasha Catlin | Steven B. Symington
Year: 2009

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