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Philosophy & Theory in Biology

ISSN: 1949--0739
Publisher: University of Michigan Libraries

The Price Equation and Extended Inheritance

Author(s): Heikki Helanterä | Tobias Uller
Volume: 2
Year: 2010
Varieties of Living Things: Life At The Intersection of Lineage And Metabolism

Author(s): John Dupré | Maureen A. O'Malley
Volume: 1
Year: 2009
Stephen Jay Gould: Did He Bring Paleontology To The "High Table"?

Author(s): Donald Prothero
Volume: 1
Year: 2009
(Mis)interpreting Mathematical Models: Drift As A Physical Process

Author(s): Roberta L. Millstein | Robert A. Skipper, Jr. | Michael R. Dietrich
Volume: 1
Year: 2009

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