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Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination

ISSN: 2157--7560
Publisher: OMICS Publishing Group

Human Papilloma Virus Vaccination Coverage among Soldiers in a Military Treatment Facility, 2007-2010

Author(s): Dr. Cristóbal S. Berry-Cabán
Volume: 2
Issue: 116
Year: 2011
Granulomatous Reaction Confined to Two Blue-ink Tattoos after H1N1 Influenza Vaccine

Author(s): Dr.Marc Z Handler
Volume: 1
Issue: 8
Year: 2010
Review of Gardasil

Author(s): Dr. Diane M Harper
Volume: 1
Issue: 7
Year: 2010
The Protection Potential of an Alum-Adjuvanted F1 Protein in Dry Powder against Plague in Mice

Author(s): Dr. Ruifu Yang | Dr. Xiaoyi Wang
Volume: 1
Issue: 5
Year: 2010
Using HLA-A2.1 Transgenic Rabbit Model to Screen and Characterize New HLA-A2.1 Restricted Epitope DNA Vaccines

Author(s): Dr. Jiafen Hu | Dr. Neil D. Christensen
Volume: 1
Issue: 1
Year: 2010

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