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Modern Marketing

ISSN: 2160--7362
Publisher: Hans Publishers

为何消费者会再次发出鼠碑 Why Do Consumers Initiate Re-Word-of-Mouth

Author(s): 刘琰 | 董大海
Volume: 03
Issue: 02
Year: 2013
社会网络经济案例研究与分析 Research and Analysis of Economic Case Based on Social Network

Author(s): 马瑞新 | 孟繁成 | 陈鹏 | 王涵杨 | 崔亚杰
Volume: 01
Issue: 03
Year: 2011
浅论用商业模式来营销 On Marketing with the Business Model

Author(s): 詹志方 | 王辉
Volume: 01
Issue: 02
Year: 2011
我国物流业存在的问题及对策 The Problems and Solutions of logistics industry in China

Author(s): 丁浩 | 霍国辉 | 王欣欣
Volume: 01
Issue: 01
Year: 2011
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