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Operations Research and Fuzziology

ISSN: 2163--1476
Publisher: Hans Publishers

一类混合变分不等式的次梯度法 Subgradient Algorithm for a Form of Mixed Variational Inequalities

Author(s): 郑超 | 殷洪友 | 王园萍
Volume: 03
Issue: 01
Year: 2013
名次博弈 Rank Game

Author(s): 林志
Volume: 02
Issue: 03
Year: 2012
星形模糊集的若干性质研究 The Research of Several Propositions on Starshaped Fuzzy Sets

Author(s): 徐伟华 | 孙文鑫 | 刘玉锋
Volume: 01
Issue: 01
Year: 2011
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