Academic Journals Database
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Selection Criteria

We consider the following for including a publication into our database:
  • The publication must exercise peer-review or editorial quality control by qualified specialists to be included.
  • The publication should report primary results of research or overviews of research results to a scholarly community.
  • The publication is of a scholarly content; all scientific and scholarly subjects are covered by the database.
  • The publication exhibits excellence in content.
  • The target group should be primarily researchers.
  • The publication is not commercial in nature.
  • A substantive part of the publication should consist of research papers. All content or most of it should be available in full text.
  • All languages are eligible.
  • The publication should have an ISSN.
  • The publication should appear at regular intervals, generally more frequently than annually.
The final decision for inclusion will remain the right of Academic Journals Database and its selection committee.

Tango Rapperswil
Tango Rapperswil

RPA Switzerland

RPA Switzerland

Robotic process automation